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Commercial kitchens

The purpose of a commercial kitchen is to prepare and store food in a professional-grade facility to provide food services to the public. There are 3 typical layouts for commercial kitchens. Island Style, Zone Style, and Assembly Line Style kitchens. Island Style. Equipment is placed at the center of this type of kitchen. Best Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur

Customised/modified kitchens

NBP MODULAR KEY offers you a customised-sized kitchen as per your choice and the availability of calculated space we can modify your old kitchen into a new luxury modular & modern amenities kitchen Best Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur.

Rectangular Kitchen

The more commonly used layout, which allows for maximum usage of space is the rectangular kitchen. This is very useful for kitchens with a lot of activities in them. Such kitchens are preferred in many outlets like hospitals, large restaurants, etc. Here, the work zone triangle is at its best line along the wall Best Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur.

Parallel Kitchen or Galley Kitchen

In such kitchens, the sides of passages are utilized for installing the work zone triangle and the centre space is used as pathways or aisles. It is characterized by two walls opposite each other, and the space in between is called a walk-through area. This is the sleekest and lean layout of the kitchen among all layouts Best Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur.

U-shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen

It can be described as the most efficient, compact and step-saving kitchen layout. Its doors are located at the end of ‘U’ and hence, there is no chance of crisscrossing in such a plan, as work flows from one point to another. The approachability of the work- zone triangle is also effective and efficient in this type of layout Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur.

L-shaped Kitchen

This efficient kitchen layout, which is based on the two walls adjoining at the right angles is the L-shaped kitchen. Used in small kitchen spaces, it is used in small canteens, kiosks, and tea/coffee shop outlets. Here, as per the layout, the work-zone triangle is effectively placed Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur.

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

Peninsula kitchens feature a U-shaped layout with an island connected to it. This design is sometimes called a G-shaped one because of the shape created by the attached island. There is a similar traffic pattern between peninsulas and island kitchens, but a peninsula offers more workspace and space for people to move about. This is a great solution where space doesn’t support an independent island. The peninsula provides the perfect place to eat and assist someone else with meal preparation while they cook Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur.   

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Island Kitchen Layout

As a versatile solution, the island can serve as a prep surface for food, a cooking surface, a washing surface, or both. Kitchen islands are incredibly functional. Because of its central location, the island serves as a traffic controller to maintain a natural flow in the kitchen area. For exceptionally open spaces and a large kitchen, a double island layout can stir up the traditional kitchen setting. A double island layout allows for socializing while creating a functional design that provides a separate entertaining and cooking area Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur

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Kitchen Appliances

A machine intended for use in the kitchen, such as a fridge or a food processor. Multi-burner Stove with electric plate, Versatile Refrigerator, Food processor, Conventional Microwave, Water Purifier, Dishwasher, Air Fryer, Multi-Cooker, Hand Blender, Coffee Maker, Toaster Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur.

Kitchen hardware

Hardware includes the metal finishes of your home, from door knobs and handles, cabinet knobs and pulls, plumbing, kitchen fixtures, and lighting. A “finish” is the type of material and style of these metals, such as nickel, brass, bronze, matte or brushed Modular Kitchen  in Jaipur.  

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Best Modular kitchen in jaipur

You expect nothing less than the best for your kitchen. You want something that will look excellent, be simple to clean, and last for a long time. However, how does that appear? What should you think about while selecting a best Interior designer in Jaipur?. You should first decide if you require a modular kitchen and, if so, what sort. Simple cabinets and worktops that attach to your existing cabinets or large-scale designs with everything from sinks to ovens are examples of modular kitchens. A modular kitchen might not be ideal for you if your kitchen is small and you just want a few shelves and hooks for hanging items. But, if you have more room or are anticipating a future increase in your family and need additional storage, this design can be ideal for your requirements.

You should also consider whether or not you want an interior designer to help you select your new kitchen. If so, think about hiring an best interior designer in Jaipur & exert in modular kitchens who can ensure that all of the components work well with one another and your current design style to produce something coherent and lovely rather than simply another monotonous upgrade. The latest development in house design is the modular kitchen, which is more well-liked than ever. But how can you pick a top-notch Jaipur modular kitchen designer? The secret to picking a modular kitchen design is knowing what you want and your budget.